Vidal Blanc Ice Wine


This rare wine is fermented from frozen, hand-picked 100% Vidal Blanc grapes. The concentrated juice produces a wine with rich flavor, aromas of apricot, and a smooth lingering finish.

  • 2013 Pennsylvania Farm Show - Silver Medal
  • 2013 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition - Silver Medal
  • Harvest Brix--38, Residual Sugar--17.5% by weight.
  • Alcohol:  10.5%

Prairie Rose


This is a dry blend of Cayuga White and Chancellor grapes that fully ripen on the vine to ensure distinct varietal characters of citrus, cherry and berry flavors and aroma. This dry wine has an exciting mouth feel with a smooth, and lingering finish.

  • Food Pairing:  Light fish dishes, vegetable medley
  •  Alcohol:  12%

Ruby Throat Rosé


Fruit was hand selected from the Chambourcin block to produce this delightful Rosé.  Like the sweet nectar sought after by the hummingbirds, this ruby-colored wine is bursting with flavors of melon and berries.  Ruby Throat Rosé's refreshing acidity is balanced by the luscious fruit-forward mouth feel.

  • 2014 Finger Lakes International Competition - Silver Medal
  • Food Pairing:  Light fish dishes, vegetable medley
  • Alcohol:  12.8%

Fox Point


This is a semi-sweet blend of Corot Noir and Catawba. Wonderful grape flavor and aroma.

  • Pennsylvania Farm Show 2013 - Bronze Medal
  • Food Pairing:  Party snacks
  • Pennsylvania Red Table Wine

Red Raspberry


This wine has an intense raspberry flavor and aroma with a balance of sweetness, acidity and alcohol.

  • 2014 Finger Lakes International Competition - Bronze Medal
  • Food Pairing:  Rich chocolate and cheesecake desserts
  • Alcohol: 11%

Blue Luna


This wine is made from 100% ripe blueberries. The wine is balanced and has a notably smooth finish. Blueberries are known for their beneficial properties.

  • Food Pairing:  Fresh fruits, sweet desserts, and main dishes
  • Alcohol: 11%