Elwin’s musings #2 of 2018 Growing Season

The young wines of 2018 now in the tanks tell their own story on how, as a grower and wine maker, we at HVVW managed this season of too much rain, too little sunshine, minimal heat units, high humidity, plus opportunistic insects, and fungal pathogens.  Our customers will have access to the white wines late 2019 and will be our best references for the 2018 whites.   The 2018 red wines will spend from 1-3 years aging before release.  All the early indications are that the wait will be worth it.

  The vineyard to me is the soul of our winery business and it is the time keeper of all that we do in the field, the winery and tasting room (vineyard with leaves; and without).  It also has a language with its unique dialect that communicates an honest testimony of what occurred this past growing season and what to expect for yields and quality over the next season – if not several growing cycles.   Vine and soil are linked through a complex system of roots, rootlets, symbiotic and other microbes too small to discern with the unaided eye.  We nurture our vines by limiting the amount of fruit they carry after fruit set through verasion and final ripening.   We apply finished compost (picture making compost) to the soil as needed to sustain a healthy balance of nutrients and water for the vines.   Our intention is to apply our collective wisdom in a way that it creates a heathy condition for soil, the plants, our staff, and customers.   All these elements are part of the final product…… the wine… and it is the individual who sees the wine, catches the bouquet and savors the flavors of the terroir – the soul – they are at the moment where it all comes together.   That person will know if the young wines of 2018 mirror the best of the ‘valley’.